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RS 3 Saloon to be the last Audi 5 Cylinder Car?

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There is a rumour floating around on a German TT forum regarding the engine issues with the TT RS and the upcoming RS 3 saloon.


First of all this is a rumour and I am not sure I believe it entirely, but there are some interesting coincidences and circumstantial evidence. Do not shoot the messenger!


All Audi 5 cylinder products are to be removed from sale as new product from the end of the year. This includes the TTRS which we know about already and the RS Q3 (http://www.uk.audi.c...s/q3/rs-q3.html) which is no longer available to order, only pre-built units available from stock as per the TT RS.


The rumour goes on to state that a 'fixed' 5pot would be back in production and to order by BW24 (June 2017) which happens to fit with the RS 3 Saloon timescales published so far by Audi (coming late 2017). No word if the TTRS will ever be available to order at that point. Rumour also suggests that given the current problems already faced by the new 400PS 5-pot that it will be the last one ever produced as the struggle to continue meeting strict EU directives is too much these days.


I hope it is all rubbish, but you have to admit there are some coincidences within the rumour. Let's hope it is not true. :(



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Seems a bit strange that Audi would stop production of the 5-cylinder for EU directives, given that these directives are for overall manufactured output? So the E-Trons and 3-cylinder jobs would counteract this.

I read recently that Mercedes will go back to straight-sixes soon, maybe with some hybrid tech. They have also just released the 4.0 V8 AMG 63 E-Class with 600bhp...

And Porsche don't seem to be in too much trouble getting 350bhp from a 2.5 flat-four...

I know also in the other thread there was something about the refrigerant? Is the 5-cylinder really the only engine that uses this refrigerant?

I think there is a lot more to the story than these rumours are suggesting.

Just glad I have mine LoL

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Without knowing any of the above beforehand, I was chatting to my Audi dealer earlier this week (a UK Audi RS Brand centre) about an invite I had received to test drive the new TTRS (not many around in the UK).


I was told that I may not get to drive the car now as the few that are 'available' are being sold very quickly. He then went on to say that it looks as if the TTRS may have a 're-launch' sometime later next year.


Very odd.......and no real answer as to why

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Maybe they faced issues with the new engines development and thought it would be cheaper to start again than fix it? Who knows!

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